Into the depths of server rooms and code




virtual machine basic

This virtual machine has 25 GB of storage and 2 GB of DDR4 memory, the VM runs on a HDD with 7200rpm. All the specs can be upgraded contact for further information


virtual machine premium

This virtual machine has 50 GB of storage and 4 GB of DDR4 memory, the VM runs on a SSD. All the specs can be upgraded contact for further information




what we do

Abyss is mostly a server provider but also we tend to help our customers with techincal difficulties and programming. We seek to provide a good and quality service for a fair price.

who we are

We are a team of hobbyists and qualified IT-engineers and we work everyday to see new and better performing solutions to our customers.


We started out as project under NXT Gaming with the name "Magic Initiative". The servers had enough capacity to provide websites and other services. Summer of 2019 NXT Gaming was dismantled and we continued providing server solutions and tech support. In the following years we are planning on upgrading our infrastructure to multiple countries including England and Germany. We seek to provide hobbyist quality services for a cheap price so everyone can start their services today.


Crux Enterprise
Wooden3 Studios




we are currently looking for

Low wage enthusiastic consults
Low wage enthusiastic server administrative developers
Low wage enthusiastic network operating developers
Low wage enthusiastic community moderators
Would you like to consult Project Abyss CS with legal or financial experience. We are looking for an enthusiastic consult with financial or legal background to ensure that Abyss can continue delivering amazing services to users and businesses alike. We see that you have completed a vocational studies qualification in business financial, vocational studies qualification in Law or can show that you have gathered required experience and knowledge through other curricular activities.

server administrative developer

Would you like to administer and develop the next generation of Data centers? We are looking for a server administrator who has experience with Windows servers and the workings of a data center. We see that you have completed at least a qualification within general IT or can show that you have the required knowledge. Big bonus for completing PCI DSS courses and for Azure certifcate.

network operating developer

Can you see yourself operating and developing the network infrastructure of a next generation data center? We are looking for an network specialist with qualified experience to operate CDE and SAD enviroments and handle the internal and external networks of data centers. We see that you have at least a general IT qualification and have passed a PCI DSS / CDE course(s).

community moderator

Would you like to be a community moderator? We provide a low pay position as a community moderator. Your job is to manage and expand the community and the outreach of our community. We see that you have qualified knowledge of social media and inner workings of internet social infrastructures. You also have knowledge of platforms like "discord," and are able to use the platforms.